You can now enjoy Borntoplay in English

Spanish-speaking players, a few years ago, often regretted the arrival of many video games without translating into our language. Fortune, on rare occasions, smiled at us with an important release with texts or voices in Spanish. Sometimes, we had to settle for a simple additional guide with instructions in Spanish, and sometimes not even that.

Currently most games arrive dubbed and translated. Nowadays it is common to watch movies and series in their original version, for mere pleasure and to improve our English. Those years with untranslated games they contributed to our learning of the second language.

We are very happy to be able to offer you the possibility of enjoying all the content of Borntoplay in English. You only have to place the cursor in the upper left margin, choose the corresponding flag, and you will be able to alternate our texts in both Spanish and English. It is not necessary to previously select the item, by displaying the desired option the entire Web it will be instantly updated with a high-quality translation. We hope you like this new alternative, possibly it will be a great opportunity to bring you closer Borntoplay to the Anglo-Saxon and American public. Once again, you can practice grammar again through your favorite hobby.

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