Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 finally rules out amputations

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2

One of the things that was said before it was released Sniper ghost warrior 2, a title that has taken more than one blow by critics, is that it was going to be a more violent game than the first installment. At the beginning, some images were released showing amputations of enemy limbs when they were hit by our precise bullets, an interesting and controversial characteristic that was finally discarded so that the censorship would not be primed with the title and it could be commercialized in countries like Germany. , known for his "heavy hand" in this regard.

However, a downloadable content that was going to be released for free would reintroduce said hit system, but eventually City Interactive You have decided to cancel it for no apparent reason.

Perhaps this downloadable could have added a little more grace to the game's long shots, which apparently have not managed to overcome those of its predecessor due to nefarious artificial intelligence, glitches and a poor and linear gameplay. A wonder we go.

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