Shenmue, history and legacy

Return to Dobuita

Shenmue is a video game that has been talked about at length. Revered by many and a complete stranger to many others. Part of the charm it has gained over the years lies in the limited impact it had on the general public. However, we all know its influence in the industry.

The magnum opus of Yu Suzuki it has countless articles, even books, in charge of extolling the virtues of a legendary title ahead of its time. This article is not intended to be another concatenation of compliments. Its mission is to understand its legacy and describe the sensations of discovering or replaying it more than 20 years after its release.

Shenmue It is one of the jewels of the last console of SEGA, Dreamcast. The magic of videogames allows us to return to classics from yesterday to the present day, through the remake and remastering. The first two installments of this series returned remastered in 2018. The highly anticipated third part, against all odds, finally got its funding and arrived in 2019.

In his day I really enjoyed this adventure. The idea of accompanying again Ryo hazuki by Yokosuka and surroundings I found tempting as I waited for the third installment. I must admit that it took me a while to get used to my senses while walking the streets of Yamanose. The sound of footsteps Ryo, facial expressions and movement of the character are aspects where the passage of time is appreciated. Even the pretty garden of the residence Hazuki that once left me spellbound now seemed made of papier-mâché.

Players who enjoy Retro We know that the nostalgia factor sometimes plays tricks. Those games that at the time seemed innovative and cutting-edge to us sometimes don't age well. The beautiful memories collide like a freight train against an imposing wall forged by the technical advances of the moment.

However, if you're used to jumping between current affairs and classics, adjusting takes a few minutes. As I walked the charming streets of Dobuite I came across a very beloved place: recreational ones. I was inside it, throwing several games to Hang-on Y Space harrier.

After spending a long time playing, I went outside the neighborhood and night had fallen into Dobuite. It was at that moment when Shenmue it seemed a little better to me. In fact, he was beginning to remember him for what he was. The contrast from having been playing with two other older titles and the game's beautiful night cycle were the catalyst. Once again, his adventure opened before me teleporting me back to the year 2000, generating a very pleasant family feeling. The magic of video games was making an appearance once again.

Today it is a game that can be fully enjoyed, both in its original version and in the recent edition. It fits perfectly within that category of current titles that they offer more relaxed experiences focused on the weight of your story. It is true that it has become somewhat archaic and has a slower pace compared to most games today. However, it is still entertaining and its plot hooks. The atmosphere of its streets and other locations treasure a special charm and preserve that realism that we imagined so much in a video game during the 90s.

Shenmue, historial y legado

Shenmue It is considered one of the best video games of all time and the second part improves many aspects. However, in recent years and with the arrival of Shenmue III, There has also been a lot of talk about the real depth of the first installment, hinting at a possible overvaluation of some media and groups of fans. The real relevance of the third installment in our days has also been controversial, for its financing system and for introducing playable mechanics outside of current standards.

All those years of uncertainty with the outcome of the story in limbo have helped keep the legend alive. It is a game that can cause rejection among current players and those of more court. casual. However, it is necessary to understand why a generation of players fell in love with its history, feeding the flame and the memory of a pioneering title.

Shenmue It is the forerunner in many of the features that we find in most video games today. Exploring wide environments, advanced interaction, the classic Quick Time Event (QTE), persistent world and NPC's with different occupations and schedules. Yu Suzuki It was also documented so that the weather of the time in which it is set (1986) was the same during the game. This option can be activated from the menu, in Magic Weather.

All those who could not play it in their day must be aware of what all this meant more than 20 years ago. The work of Yu Suzuki it is a revolutionary adventure. Its gestation began at an early stage, long before even the existence of the Dreamcast. His influence on everything that has come after is beyond question. Shenmue, possibly, it could cap the only one chapter of the history of the video game.

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