"Microsoft Points" Something smells like we will no longer use the "Monopoly" tickets on our consoles

And it is that Windows 8 is coming, and although it seems that it has nothing to do with it, in fact the only possible association is the famous “Metro” interface that our console, phones, and other devices that MS will adopt in its next iteration of operating system. The famous Microsoft points in Windows 8 are giving way to prices in $ and obviously in € in our country. It is not yet known when it will be operational, but if Windows 8 comes out on October 26, everything indicates that it will not take long.

Is it finally over to use the calculator to know how much we are spending? Us we will piss off We will be angry to see how the price of our games compares to the euro-dollar exchange?

And here is the proof of the crime.

Microsoft Points Windows 8


Source: "The Verge"

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