Microids Announces Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All

Microids is proud to announce Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All, a beat'em up in 2D inspired by the universe created by René Goscinny Y Albert uderzo.

Set in 50 BC, the game will place us in the most emblematic places of the comics fighting against Roman legionnaires, pirates, bandits and even Normans. We can play alone and in local cooperative.

Mr nutz studio, in charge of the development of Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All, they work to make the game as respectful as possible with the universe in which it is inspired. The developers have opted for an artistic direction very close to the comic where the characters, scenery and animations are drawn by hand. A tribute to 2D animated classics and a style that is likely to appeal to fans of Asterix Y Obelix like retro lovers.

Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All will arrive on the platforms in autumn PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Y Pc.

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Play hard and die last. In this game you only have one life

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