Consoles, the most sought after technological item on the second-hand market

As a result of the confinement, there was an increase of 194 % in the demand for Playstation 4. The second-hand technology sector in Spain moved more than 184 million euros last year. This is clear from the latest analysis of the second-hand market platform, Milanuncios. Regarding the technological categories most demanded by Spaniards in 2020, Games and Telephony they are positioned as the ones that accumulate the most searches.

In the case of the category Games, which accumulates more than 400,000 searches, highlights the demand for game consoles and games for them. In fact, game consoles account for more than half of the searches in this category.

Another noteworthy fact is the increase that was registered in the demand for different articles of this category with the beginning of the confinement. Users flocked to the second-hand market to get hold of different entertainment options to cope with time at home. An example is searches for Playstation 4 that increased in a month about 194 %.

Regarding the offer, Sony's fourth-generation console video games accumulated 38,213 ads published in 2020. These items had a market value of 1.6 million euros and the average price per game is 44 euros. It is followed by the publications of the device itself with about 31,000 ads last 2020. The average price of this Sony game console is 210 euros in the second-hand market and the total market value is 6.5 million euros.

Source: Milanuncios

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