History and legacy of Sonic Cap. 4

Sonic the Hedgehog legacy

We come to the last chapter of Sonic's History and Legacy. After the release of Sonic, SEGA surpassed Nintendo in the United States four Christmases in a row, well Genesis had a two-year advantage over SNES, a broader game catalog and a lower price. ASCII Entertainment reported that by early 1993 Genesis had 250 games versus 75 SNES games, and that for each SNES game two Genesis games were placed on store shelves.

SEGA's philosophy, strategy and advertising helped position Mega drive like the console more cool and more adult. Studies carried out at the time determined that the majority of North American adolescents did not admit to playing Nintendo consoles, which they lost in a ratio of 2 to 1 until it was released. Donkey Kong Country in late 1994. Including the game with the console contributed to the popularity of Genesis in North America. In January 1992, the Mega Drive had the 65% of the 16-bit console market outperforming a Nintendo that had not lost its leadership status since late 1985.

Sonic the hedgehog inspired a multitude of platform games starring animals with an attitude similar to that of Sonic as James pond, Bubsy, Aero the Acrobat, Earthworm jim, Radical Rex or Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel. The practice was carried over to the next generation of consoles: Naughty dog, today considered one of the most reputable studies in the world, always cited Sonic the hedegehog as one of his greatest inspirations when creating Crash Badicoot for PlayStation.

The enormous success of Sonic led to the development of multiple sequels, dozens of additional games, recurring characters, and continued to release games after the Dreamcast, SEGA's last console. Sonic has starred in fighting, racing, RPG, sports games, and has co-starred crossovers. It expanded to anime, manga, cartoons, comics, toys, novels, and a motion picture movie. Sonic the hedgehog sold 15 million copies in Mega drive and it was downloaded after payment more than 8 million times, accumulating sales of more than 23 million. It is one of the most successful video game franchises of all time, with more than 140 million copies sold or downloaded worldwide on consoles, PCs, tablets and mobile phones. Green Hill Zone, the first phase, has been carried over to other later games such as Sonic adventure 2, Sonic Generations, Sonic mania, Sonic forces or the series Super Smash Bros from Nintendo.

Sonic games released during the 90s were widely acclaimed by critics and rank among the best video games of all time. Sonic was touted as a faster and cooler alternative to Super mario world. Sonic's rebellious character was representative of the culture of the decade, when the idea of rebellion for the individual was closely tied to consumer culture. Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Sonic & knuckles they were praised for having sculpted on the formula of the former. Years later, Mega Drive games were defined as the spirit of the 16-bit era. Own Shigeru Miyamoto He said about Sonic: "There are many characters who have tried to imitate Mario. Sega did especially well with Sonic, who created a good, strong character. Despite the similarities, Sonic has elements that make him different, such as energy, for example. It is one of Mario's limitations, and there Sonic is powerful. "

Sonic changed the course of the console war, and his ancestral battle with Mario defined it with a model that is still valid today. More than anyone, he helped SEGA become the rival to beat for several years and the industry giant that it was. It's hard to know how many developers have cited Sonic as a bar to measure their own work. Very few characters have had the impact and influence of Sonic in the world of video games. Sonic helped the average age of the player to increase, making a product that managed to catch on with more adult users. Sonic 2 was the first game that had a coordinated work of Japanese and Americans globalizing the video game industry, something unthinkable until then, and it had an almost simultaneous worldwide launch. Until Sonic, games were quite focused on reaching different markets. Sonic always stayed at the forefront of all of this. Sonic & knuckles It can be considered the first DLC or expansion within console games, and Sonic sparked the popularity and proliferation of animal pet platformers, making it the most popular genre of the time.

The cultural impact of Sonic was enormous, and he remains to this day one of the most famous and important video game characters in the world. In 1992 and according to various studies, it was more recognizable than Mickey Mouse for children. In 1993, Sonic became the first video game character to have his own balloon in the Thanksgiving Day parade. He was one of the first 4 members of the Video Game Hall of Fame alongside Mario, Link and the Master Chief. A class of genes involved in the embryonic development of the fruit fly called hedgehog genes were renamed as Sonic the hedgehog by the character. A Japanese team developing the Radio Plasma Wave Research instrumentation (RPWI) for the Jupiter Icy Explorer spacecraft, which will be launched into space in 2022, received approval from Sega to use Sonic as its mascot. Sonic and Robotnik appear as secondary in the films of Pixar Y Disney Wreck-It Ralph and Ralph Breaks the Internet, and Sonic has a cameo in Steven Spielberg's movie Ready Player One. In 2020, he had his first live action movie starring Michael madsen Y Jim Carrey, in the role of Robotnik.

The franchise is known for its passionate, active and eccentric fandom, which has produced countless unofficial outlets of the character such as fangames, fan fiction, mods, hack roms, fan films Y fan arts. Fans have always supported the franchise despite the games being poorly received by critics, and they have helped tremendously in maintaining the public interest of the brand. The development team of Sonic mania included members who had worked in hacks Y fan games from Sonic ROM. The customization system of Sonic forces was influenced by the tendency of the Sonic community to create original characters.

Starting at 16 bits, both SEGA and Sonic began their decline. Sega ended up being forced to abandon the manufacture of hardware after Dreamcast, your 128-bit console. And Sonic was never able to replicate either its quality or its success with his jump to 3D games. He did not know how to reinvent himself as Mario did, and little by little he deviated from his roots. The creators who made Sonic great were ditching SEGA, like Naka, Oshima or Mark Cerny. A SEGA that came to consider the possibility of changing Sonic for Ristar as a pet in the 32-bit generation with its console Saturn. Some time later, the veteran company came to recognize that it had betrayed the trust of Sonic fans by putting quantity before quality in generations after Mega drive.

Sequels and spin-offs from Sonic the Hedgehog

Since its appearance in Mega drive In 1991, Sonic has starred or co-starred in more than 80 titles. Their games have been released on all systems and devices of all generations since 128 bits. And on all SEGA consoles since Master System until Dreamcast. Beyond Mega drive and its Mega-CD expansion, The Hedgehog was never the same again. Abused on many occasions by a Sega that was never able to bring the greatness of its pet to three dimensions. From the 32-bit to the present day, Sonic has starred in games of varying quality, from the good to the infamous, but in the best of cases, none can compare to what his games supposed for the industry during their first stage. From its first sequel, considered by many to be the best Sonic game, to Sonic Mania, which was a return to the origins, these have been all the games of this devilish hedgehog with a mischievous and rebellious smile, blue and fast as thunder itself.

Hayao Nakayama I knew that to win you had to trace a formula. Keep the constants and make your variables higher. A leading company at the top of the arcade. A powerful console. A team of young talents and the search for a game for a character. The most important game in everyone's life. And the character that would end up changing them forever. Since Sonic, SEGA has developed his creatures by joining the way of understanding games in two worlds. The hedgehog opened a path that videogames continue to travel today. Japanese and Americans threw the tackle at their heads. But they ended up shaking hands. And the result was a gift.

The genius of the Orientals to make Sonic and that of the Westerners to sell it changed the industry forever. At SEGA headquarters in New York its sequel was conceived, considered by many to be his best work. And it was done jointly by a Japanese and American development team. After all, SEGA always had one half of his heart on both sides. Globalizing the industry after Sonic was able to create much more than a game.

But like outstanding pioneer, Sonic is a game. A character. Sonic was like playing in a dream. A dream that went at the speed that marked a demonic supersonic blue hedgehog committed to the environment. Sonic defined the catalog of an era and taught the world the character of a company, its intentions for games, and its philosophy. Without ever leaving Mario's scheme, he knew how to find the components to be unique, put him to the test and surpass him.

Nakayama he knew what to do. Yuji naka did magic, Oshima put the character and Tom kalinske sold a machine. But the fierce defense of Kalinske The razor blade system that took Mega Drive to heaven ended up dragging SEGA to hell. Each expansion of the console that came out hurt the company a little more. SEGA sank between peripherals and failed decisions. And one of them was mistreating the character. The first goring came with Ristar, who intended to succeed him. Ristar was a great game starring a star. But Sonic was the star. And more powerful than SEGA believed.

After a disastrous outcome a generation later with Saturn, Sony He knew how to appropriate his target. SEGA gave its last death throes in 128 bits with Dreamcast and abandoned the manufacture of hardware. One last console that will be remembered forever. Who died young, like the legends, of so much love that he carried inside, and pointed by PS2, the greatest rival there has ever been for anyone. SEGA He is still a major game developer and publisher, but those glory days are long gone, when he looked down on the world from above, when he imposed his law on houses and arcades. When Sonic was more popular than Walt disney and when each hedgehog game became one of the best titles of the moment. In the hearts and thumbs of a generation of gamers, the Sonic of Mega drive they left a scar impossible to close.

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    We owe a lot to Sonic. In the previous posts we have already commented on it. This last post collects another of his important achievements. Its tremendous success generated the arrival of other unforgettable figures of the time. Earthworm Jim, James Pond, Bubsy, Aero the Acrobat or Radical Rex are much loved figures and remain in the memory of the players. They are not cheap imitations of the hedgehog, they are rich characters packed with personality and they also star in great games.
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