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Baldur’s Gate III

Dragones y Mazmorras en su 5ª edición Las dos primeras entregas de Baldur’s Gate se basaron en la 2ª edición de Advanced Dungeons & Dragons para crear el sistema de juego mientras que Baldur’s Gate ...
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Pacer Analysis

Anti-Gravity Racing in the 21st Century In the year 2075, corporations around the world compete for glory in the Pacer World Championship, the pinnacle of anti-gravity motorsport. You don't need to know much more. ...

Aliens versus Predator

Halloween 2020: Marine, you are alone. When I think of video games that cause tension, even fear, the initial mission of the marine in Aliens versus Predator, "Abandoned", keeps coming to mind. In this title, published ...

The Medium: Dual Reality

Bloober Team explains to us the operation of the Parallel Realities system, one of the main mechanics in The Medium, which will allow us to interact as the real and spiritual world at the same time. In The ...