Atari announces the return of Asteroids, the 1979 classic

A new vision for Pc of this arcade classic from 1979 has recently been announced by Atari. Asteroids: Outpost which is the name given to this current version, it is being developed Salty games and will lead players around the world to collaborate to build a strong defensive network that protects them from the dangers of outer space.

Its creators have described it as an open world game with elements of survival adventure. Players must craft bases, find resources, and build defenses while developing items, crafting equipment, and increasing their wealth. Players can collaborate with each other or face each other.

Its creators assure that within its completely new gameplay they want to preserve elements of the original title, introducing, for example, classic elements such as the possibility of shooting asteroids (what less, right?). Finally, one of the most responsible for Atari has highlighted that Asteroids: Outpost it will be a video game that fans of the original title and fans of MMOs and survival adventures will like.





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