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the end of an era

The Serie Hitman he has turned 20 years old. This analysis of Hitman 3 enters the closing of the last trilogy of the Agent 47, briefly analyzing the evolution of his career. During all this time we have accompanied him on more than 100 missions across six continents through 7 main games. As a result of such an illustrious career, everyone remembers their favorite missions and those objectives that put our ingenuity and skill to the test.

In 2000 the Danish studio IO Interactive we entered the exciting world of contract killings with Hitman: Codename 47. Since then, the series has not only become a benchmark within the stealth genre. The Agent 47 has carved out a well-deserved position as an icon of the modern video game, placing itself among characters of the stature of the Master Chief, Max payne or Nathan drake.

Absolution marks a before and after in the series. This game is the line that separates the "Hitman classics ”of its most current facet. Launched in 2012, it is the beginning of a trajectory that serves to define the character of 47 and his story. However, it is also the beginning of a change. The approach of the series to a wider audience implies changes in the gameplay, a new level structure and a more cinematic and commercial personality. Subsequent deliveries, from the restart in 2016, have continued to outline a competitive side through challenges and scorecards on-line. IO Interactive has experienced some difficulties in this latest trilogy, with an episodic installment and editor changes.

Análisis Hitman 3

Hitman 3 complete the current trilogy with the option to import all the scenarios from the two previous games, if we acquired them at the time. If this is not your case, the game offers six new levels set in different parts of the world where to carry out the execution of a professional murder. The missions are replayable but it is a scarce content for a new installment for which we pay 70 euros.

To carry out our mission, we manage a plan of approach to our objective. We must penetrate a wide scenario making use of our ability to go unnoticed and use different resources manipulating AI. Each level works as an ecosystem with its own rules. In them we find different characters that due to their condition or rank in the environment can alter it, against our progress and in favor if we manage to supplant their identity through the use of disguise, a common resource in the series.

Hitman 3 it does not add significant novelty to everything we already know. The scenarios look spectacular thanks to their spacious and careful design. A constant virtue since the beginning of Agent 47 and a hallmark that has been improving thanks to technical progress.

The stealth / action mechanics offer most of the possibilities that we have been experiencing throughout this time and we did not find any relevant news either. The stories of the mission are interesting, objectives that we have to complete when we impersonate someone. A series of tasks that will get us closer to our goal without raising suspicion. A slightly more elaborate resource beyond putting on a costume to go unnoticed.

Hitman 3 it is still an entertaining experience. Completing an assassination cleanly without being detected is always a challenge. It requires study, exploration, and stealth is always exciting. However, for a few years the new installments are no longer so fun to play.

Possibly several factors are involved in this negative feeling. The tactics we apply are the same as always and they are not so surprising. Adding new infiltration techniques or movements and fewer DLC's or leaderboards could help to alleviate this effect.

It is a reality that certain decisions applied on the gameplay in modern installments, from AbsolutionThey have contributed to better control but others have limited the fun. The possibility of freely choosing the equipment in the same way that we had in the first deliveries (Silent assassin or Blood money) and other actions that have been disappearing within the repertoire of skills have managed to detract from the charm of recent games.

There are many media that have described the plot outcome of this game as a finishing touch. Having played the finale of many 47 adventures, I can say that the last level of this installment was by far the worst in the entire series. The end of the story is weak, but if we stick to the difficulty level it is practically nil. The design of the last stage is well below the rest of the levels and is a straight-line walk where we hardly find options or complications. Once again, the contrast with the first installments comes out, as the final showdown often required an extra difficulty.

After 20 years as one of the benchmarks of stealth, the Agent 47 requires a well-deserved rest. We have really enjoyed his career, especially with his first four installments. From my point of view, the best. Hitman 3 complete a stage with a correct game but too short and abusing the box pass. It maintains an efficient formula adapted to the difficulties of the new times and showing normal wear and tear produced over the years.

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    Great Rubio analysis, how always!
    From almost the beginning I have had the feeling that Agent 47 has been in the background, that he has not been given the importance he deserves. He has never had the repercussion of others like Sam Fisher but his games have had good ratings.
    What I like is that it still looks like an old school game, from the 2000s. Although from what you say, its mechanics may have been a bit outdated.
    I have always been very in favor of some sagas ending at some point. And Agent 47 may have gotten through, right?

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    Very good analysis. Without gutting the game, talking about what's important. I've played the first two of this latest trilogy and I agree, 47 needs a break. But long. The formula does not give for more. It has good things but it remains half. If instead of 3 games they had made one with all the good things, I think it would have been better.

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